The BioLab Book: Laboratory Studies in Life
195 pages. $29.95

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The BioLab Book: Laboratory Studies in Life


  1. Man and Metrics
  2. The Simple Side of Life
  3. The Genes We All Wear
  4. Cytogenesis: Chromosome Arrangements for Cellular Happenings
  5. A Microcosm of Natural Selection
  6. Behavior: So What is Normal?
  7. Sensational Studies
  8. Life As a Bunch of Regulations
  9. Why It's All Elementary
  10. Here's the Breakdown on Respiration
  11. It's Not Easy Being Green
  12. Rules to Live and Diet By
  13. A Bloody Good Experiment
  14. Affairs of the Heart and Lungs
  15. There's More to a Frog Than Legs
  16. Doing What Comes Naturally: Some Ecological Studies

    Various Appendices

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